Written in Blood

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Updates! (29 Sept 2012 / 08 Oct 2012)

Uhh, hi! Forgive me, I'm already halfway done with the second chapter, but I'm restarting the fic. The second half of the first chapter moves slowly and put me into a bad writer's block this early into the fic, and I have a much better start in mind for the fic, so... I'll be going with that! <3 Sorry about that! Because I had a feeling I'd restart it, I didn't post the first chapter anywhere online yet, so yay for correct predictions... :>

Have not yet started rewriting the fic, as I am currently thinking about the sub-villains. I have characters in mind already, but I'm not sure how they'll come to play, or if the thieves I had used in my original draft would still work here. *shrug* Too much thought. Maybe I should just write again and see what pops up...

On a happier, slightly more productive note, I have given the fic a (temporary) title, influenced by the Mindless Self Indulgence song, "Written in Cold Blood", a major inspiration for the scene in my head that inspired this entire fic.

About the fic

Hello, all! My name is Conker (also known as Rexcalibur or other "Rex" variants)! This is my Webs account dedicated to my work-in-progress Pokemon fanfic, "Written in Blood". Its genre is... I have no clue; there are hints of horror, thriller, and suspense spliced throughout the entire thing, but I don't want to *label* it as one of them, lol.

Though I generally write original works, I've decided to start with a fanfic to further explore and develop my writing style, as well as experiment with some OCs and further their personalities. Fanfics are also a great way to generate feedback of any sort, so hey, why not try there first? :D

I also needed a place that has info about my characters & locations that are easily accessible.  Everything in my notebook right now is an extreme mess, so I figured I'd gather everything all right here.  That, and if I get some actual readers on this thing, they'd have a sort of glossary to take a peak at, yus? :D May or may not move it to a Wikia like I have for my other projects!

Will be changing trainers' Pokemon's levels & moveset, as well as who they catch/befriend, etc., as the story progresses! Doing my best to keep spoilers out as well. XD

That's about it for me! Enjoy the site :D

Contact Me!

Any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, and the like?
Feel free to hit me up on any of the following sites - or you can just leave a message below instead!

I have been extremely busy with work (two jobs) and college as of late, so the best way to catch me would probably be a message on YouTube!  That's the only one I check every to every other day in this list.

YouTube: CameandConkered*
Serebii: Rexcalibur
PSN: DivideandConker
Neopets (don't laugh): conker_the_chao
GameFAQs: Rexflame*
Tumblr: conkered*
Email: rexcalibur@live.com
Friend Code: when I cba to put it up hurhurr

I also post video game reviews on GameFAQs and my Tumblr! Once I finish my video review of Dynasty Warriors 7, that will be posted on YouTube as well. :) Feel free to check these out!

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